What Questions Should I ask Before Purchasing a Used car?

Buying a Used car

Important Questions to ask Before Buying a Pre-Owned car

Buying a vehicle is a major decision and there are a lot of different factors that you should be considering before making your decision. We want to help make your car search as easy as possible here at Ben Mynatt Buick. Therefore, in this article we are going to discuss some important questions to ask before buying a pre-owned car. Continue reading to learn more about this story.

Set of car KeysIs there any interior damage in the vehicle?

The exterior of a vehicle is obviously important. However, you definitely don’t want to overlook the interior of the vehicle either. We highly recommend looking for signs of interior damage that may have been caused by things such as: smoking, pets, spilled drinks and more. So those are all things that you should be asking about.

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Will the car Pass Safety and Emissions Tests?

Another question that you should be asking before buying a pre-owned vehicle is, will the car pass all safety and emissions tests? Most states are beginning to require safety and emissions testing for all vehicles before they can be registered. Therefore, you’ll want to be 100 percent sure that the car you are considering will be able to pass these tests.

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How are the Brakes and Tires on the car?

Does the car need new tires? How about the brakes, how worn are they? These are both questions that you should be asking. Also, if the car is in need of brakes, tires or both you can use that as a negotiating tactic to try to get a better price on the car.

We hope that these questions will be helpful to you throughout your car search. Also, we encourage you to stop in and check out our new and pre-owned vehicle selection here at Ben Mynatt Buick. We offer the best prices in the region and have an excellent selection of the most popular vehicles to choose from. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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